Recording What I SEE

I started this blog as a place to journal and record various ways I SEE God at work in my life. Over the past week we have had three snow events, which is a big deal when you rarely get three in an entire winter. In these past 7 days, I have seen both God’s work and His glory in so many ways. Today’s post is both a “thank you” to Him and my own “Jordan Memorial Stones.”

Snow: The pure white snow reminds me of the Holiness of God. The fact that it totally transforms everything it touches, illustrates the power of Jesus in a person’s life. God can transform a dirty, dingy, dying heart into a beautiful, glorious, forgiven heart through the power of His Son; just like He can transform a dirty, dingy, dying tree limb into a beautiful snow covered work of art.

Snowman: As we made snowman after snowman, I began to SEE the transforming power of the Holy Spirit as He takes the forgiven heart and begins shaping and molding it into a new creation. The snowman had to be chiseled out in some spots, and at times, it had to be crushed and remade so that it would be strong enough to stand firm. Wow! What a picture of what the Holy Spirit is doing in my life!

Snow Days:¬†Things really slow down during snow days. Granted it is not all fluffy snow, hearts and flowers, but it was a sweet time of togetherness (at least 90% of the time). I was able to SEE the importance of slowing down and just “being” with God. Just as I had to surrender my agenda during snow days, I saw the need to surrender my agenda during my quiet time with the LORD. It becomes so much easier to SEE God when I am not rushing around to accomplish my to-do list, but trusting Him to enable me to accomplish what He has set before me.

Middle of the night snow storm: When you awaken in the middle of the night to realize that you have no power and that wet heavy snow coated in freezing rain is snapping limbs from trees all around your house, you realize how little control you really have in life. As I laid in bed watching the flashes of transformers blowing and heard the cracking sound of limbs plummeting to the ground below, I began to panic. “God, we have so many huge trees around our house, and we have no power. It is so cold already. What if a tree falls on the house? How will we even get out?” As quietly as the snow was falling, was the voice I heard in my heart which said, “Remember what your little girl said last week?

“I am always with you, and even if bad things happen, I will see you through. Rest in Me. Trust in Me.” In that moment I surrendered my house, and my loved ones to Him. I pictured Him wrapping our entire house “in the shadow of His wings”, and I went to sleep. The next morning, I discovered 9 huge limbs down in our yard, but not one anywhere near the house! I wish I could fully express the gratitude overflowing in my heart!

Warmth: It was all fun and games until we lost power. Everyone in my house loves the snow, until we get cold! The temperature in our house got to 57 degrees. This Florida born and raised girl was COLD. The snow no longer appealed to me. All I wanted to do was huddle under three blankets in four layers of clothes. I was grumpy and tired. What went from lovely and exciting, in an instant became burdensome and dreadful. Being away from warmth had changed my perspective and my attitude. But then the power was restored! A long hot shower, followed by a hot cup of coffee drastically altered my perspective. I realized in that moment that God is like warmth. When I am close to Him (reading His Word, spending time with Him) my perspective is positive and my attitude is joyful. But when I pull away from Him or neglect my relationship with Him, it is like I begin to get cold, and both my perspective and attitude become very negative.

Don’t you love that God is both snow and warmth? He is justice and mercy. He is all-powerful and yet speaks in a quiet voice. He is the Creator of all and yet He knows my name.

There are so many other ways in which I have seen His glorious presence this week, but I would be typing all day to record them. I will end this post with just one more:

My children’s laughter: The night the snow began to fall, my kids and I took our places in front of the big window. It is our tradition to lay on our backs with our heads by the window as we watch the snow fall. From that vantage point, it appears as if you are flying through space. As we lay there, the dog decides to join in the fun by laying on us, which leads my kids into a fit of giggles. More laughter ensues as the silliness of two excited kids kicks in. We then settle down and carefully watch for big flakes and discuss our plans for the next day: sledding, snowmen, snowball fights. In that moment, I saw the delight my Father takes in His children. My heart was overflowing with love for my two children. I savored their excited chatter, I laughed when hearing their young giggles, I ruffled heads and held hands. I would have given anything for that moment. Then I realized that God did give everything so that He could have those moments with us. He gave His Son so that we can share “moments” with Him for all of eternity!

What a precious, amazing, beautiful, complex, wonderful, indescribable God we have! I pray that you will SEE Him in some way today. Look for Him; He is always there, in the snow and in the warmth!

Our view from the window as the snow began to fall.

Our view from the window


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